Always film cops like they were Kim Kardashian snorting coke while on fire buying Hustler at Walmart and foricating with John Bohener…
Smart commercial effort to get viral coverage on the hotel’s part. But I like my classical music played by men in shirts. Looks like a nice hotel´╗┐ though…

Dane Hahn on ‘Splashmob Hotel Cordial Mogan Playa’

On Monday Obama waived anti-terrorism provisions, in the Arms Export Control Act, to arm Syrian rebels. This makes Obama a Traitor who should be impeached but the fools of this Country sit silent.
There is no parade exemption in the law. Go look at my pictures. No one else did this to their toddlers.
Dog parks. What a stupid concept. Can’t stand dogs.
He should NOT be held respondable since there are signed waivers. I believe as my wife also believes the other woman that split up should be held as the respondable party! They where the ones who wanted to bring a baby into this world. Again this goes to show 2 woman or 2 men are not set-up to have babies!
Never date a woman who is one of these people who feels it necessary to go on Yelp and do a 1 star review the second they feel slighted. These types of women are literally the worst people in the world. And while I never advocate suicide, if you are married to one of these women, just put yourself out of your misery.
It is far too late American is Fated to become a Spanish speaking Third World Slum..A food Stamp Paradise!